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Dealsonchat is Started in May 2020 With a motive to provide its followers best available Deals on internet across all online ecommerce, learning platforms.

Now a Days,We are so busy in our daily routine that, we don’t have time to go to market and shop but these days online shopping,
with its lucrative offers and return policies, is so convenient for all of us to shop. Now, question is amongst online shopping how
you will get best deals available on these websites. Every e-commerce company has variety of deals on same products and these prices
keeps on changing. How would you come to know that a particular product is available at best rate,best offer or has active coupon code
ongoing with ease of buying it directly. Dealsonchat provides such deal alerts, Cashbacks, free coupons , coupon codes are provided in
one go on our website.

DealsOnChat was conceptualized by keeping in mind that buyer should get deal / Offer / coupons what you want in chat.

On top of this if you are lucky you may get rewards on your shopping.

You can request in chat for offers if you are going to purchase something & we will try to share the best offer to save your money using
Coupons or Cashback.(we are working on this )