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Node.js Certification Training

Master Node.js from scratch and become a Full Stack Web Developer (MERN and MEAN stacks). Integrate Node.js with MongoDB

Node.js Certification Training

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A warm welcome to the Node.js course by Uplatz.

Node.js is a JavaScript environment that allows you to perform a multitude of tasks and build all sorts of exciting applications.

Node.js can be defined as a dynamic, cross-platform and open-source JavaScript framework or runtime environment that is built on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. Developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.js was initially implemented as a client-side scripting language. Nowadays, it is used to execute JavaScript code and scripts that run server-side to create dynamic web pages.

Node.js is an open source server environment and essentially allows you to run JavaScript on the server. In summary, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that provides way to run JavaScript code outside of a web browser. Node.js helps us to use JavaScript for server-side scripting—running scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser.

Node.js Features and Benefits

Most web developers implement Node.js due to its amazing and powerful features. Key features of Node.js include:

  • Faster code execution

  • Highly scalable

  • Non-blocking APIs

  • No buffering

With such wonderful features, Node.js is widely used for creating server-side and networking applications. The following are the key areas where Node.js is widely used:

  • I/O-bound applications

  • Data streaming applications

  • Data-intensive real-time applications (DIRT)

  • JSON API-based applications

  • Single-page applications

Most of the top organizations use Node.js for e.g. IBM, Apple, AT&T, and the like.

Uplatz provides this comprehensive training on Node.js. This Node.js course provides an introduction to web application development by way of JavaScript and the node.js environment. The delegates will learn the basics of server-side web development using the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular/Angular 2, node.js). The Node.js course introduces students to models of software development that can apply to any web development environment, including the application server (node.js), Model View Controller (MVC) frameworks using Express.js, front-end frameworks (Angular), and databases (MongoDB). The course includes setting up a node.js environment, building web APIs and full-stack JavaScript applications, and following good application development practices.

This Node.js training also teaches you to build a production-ready Node.js JSON API. The course uses MongoDB for the database to help you gain hands-on experience in developing the backend in Node.js.

Course Objectives

  • Build, test and deploy Node applications with confidence

  • Use cutting-edge ES8 JavaScript

  • Store complex data in MongoDB

  • Learn all about Node module system

  • Use existing Node packages or publish your own

  • Write asynchronous JavaScript code (promises and async/await)

  • Implement CRUD operations

  • Store complex, relational data in MongoDB using Mongoose

  • Implement data validation

  • Implement authentication and authorization

  • Handle and log errors effectively

  • Set up configuration for various environments (dev, test, prod)

  • Write unit and integration tests

  • Build features using test-driven development

Node.js - Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Node.js

  2. Installing Node JS

  3. Var Hoisting and Functional Scope

  4. let and const, let vs const

  5. Function Expressions and Arrow Functions

  6. Default Parameters, Rest Operator and Spread Operator

  7. String Templates

  8. Java Script Modules Export and Import

  9. for... of loop

  10. Objects and Object Literals

  11. Destructuring Arrays and Objects

  12. Global Objects

  13. Exporting Classes and Functions

  14. Promises

  15. Node.js Modules, Module Patterns, Shared Memory Modules

  16. Node Package Manager (npm)

  17. Installing and uninstalling modules

  18. How to generate package.json using npm

  19. Node.js Events

  20. Node.js File System

  21. Node Inspector

  22. Node.js URL Module

  23. Installing Nodemon

  24. Client and Server

  25. Creating a Server

  26. Streams and Buffers

  27. Pipes

  28. Serving HTML Pages

  29. Serving JSON Data

  30. Routing in Node.js

  31. Node.Js Uploading Files

  32. Sending Emails in Node.js

  33. Node.js With MongoDB Database

  • Connecting to MongoDB

  • Creating Database

  • Creating Collections and Dropping Collections

  • Saving Data

  • Selecting Data

  • Deleting Data

  • Updating Data

  • Querying Data

  • Sorting Data

  • Limit

34. Node.js with Mongo DB Cloud

35. Node.js with MySQL

Applications of Node.js

  • Real-time web applications

  • Streaming applications

  • Messaging apps

  • Chat programs

  • Social media apps

  • Virtual emulators

  • Multiplayer games

  • Collaboration tools

  • API

Advantages of Node.js

  1. Node.js offers an easy scalability

  2. Easy to learn

  3. Node.js is a single programming language

  4. The benefit of FullStack JS

  5. Known for offering high performance

  6. The support of large and active community

  7. Advantage of caching

  8. Offers the freedom to develop Apps

  9. Getting support for commonly used tools

  10. Handles the Requests simultaneously

  11. Node.js is highly extensible

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