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Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

Deep dive into MongoDB concepts with SpringBoot while acquiring hands on experience(Updated to MongoDB 4.4.4)

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

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MongoDB is a state of the art document oriented database which is used in modern enterprise applications. High agility, scalability, performance at scale, fail over, Document data model, full text search, MQL, GridFS are some of  the key features of MongoDB. SpringBoot is another modern web application development platform used pervasively in the tech industry these days.With springboot and mongodb you can implement highly agile,high performing state of the art applications. SpringBoot and MongoDB is an ideal blend to implement micro services based applications which is the new normal these days. Microservices need to be scaled immensely to server high user expectations and MongoDB is a perfect match to achieve full scale scalability for micro services. So understanding about SpringBoot and MongoDB paramount for any technology professional working on enterprise application domain these days. Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB is an ideal course for you to be an expert on spring boot MongoDB based applications. So if you really want to deep dive into SpringBoot and MongoDB concepts this is the right course for you.

This course primarily focuses on delivering in depth knowledge on MongoDB concepts and leveraging them with SpringBoot spring data mongodb environment. Course covers MongoDB 4.4.4 and SpringBoot 2.4.4 latest stable versions. You will grasp crucial concepts like mongodb architecture,MongoDB data model design best practises,Docker based replicasets, Rest Apis with concurrency, MQL, GridFS, Aggregates, FullText search implementation, Indexing, SSL connectivity and features like transactions in mongodb. Hands on guidance will guide to groom you to be a professional mongodb, springboot developer/architect  while covering wide area of enterprise application landscape.There are 33 lectures  available covering  key areas.This is an ideal course for developers, architects or anybody keen on  exploring modern document oriented databases.

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