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AWS MasterClass: Go Serverless with AWS Lambda & AWS Aurora

Learn About Amazon's Serverless Platform With AWS Labmda And AWS Aurora. Implement Multi-Tier Cloud Native Apps


The next big thing in Cloud computing is Serverless architecture.

So what is this Serverless computing architecture?

Traditionally the applications are developed and deployed in servers. Apart from coding, the developer should also look into pre-deployment checks such as storage allocation, and server maintenance.

With Serverless computing, the code execution is entirely managed by the cloud provider. Developers can concentrate on the coding part, and the cloud provider takes care of managing, provisioning and maintaining servers for the code deployment.

Serverless architecture has an automatic scaling feature which helps to reduce the computing and operational costs. Serverless doesn’t require containerization, developers or programmers will write code in the vendor console.

AWS Lambda is a front runner in serverless computing services. Even companies like Netflix, Codepen, Zalora, Coca-Cola, and Nordstrom have embraced AWS serverless.

There is no wonder why there is an increased demand for developers with AWS Lambda skills.

According to Indeed jobs listings, Average salary of developers with AWS Lambda skills is $121,481.

That's why today, we are thrilled to be able to share with you our new training program "AWS MasterClass: Go Serverless with AWS Lambda and Amazon Aurora.”

What does the AWS Serverless course offer to you?

1. You will learn AWS Simple Storage Service, its features. How to host a static website (in HTML) using S3.

2. Learn about the basics of API Gateway. How to map URL query strings to variables in backend programs in Lambda and how to use mapping templates in API Gateway.

3. You will learn how to provision and use AWS RDS (MySQL). How to connect to RDS MySQL using a database client from EC2 and your own laptop.

4. You will learn how to provision and use AWS Aurora Serverless Database and connect to it from EC2 instance.

5. You will learn what is a Lambda function. How to host backend in Lambda using Python programming language. You will also learn various features of Lambda and connect to Aurora Serverless database from Lambda Function.

6. For better understanding, you will go through an actual demo of a 3-tier application. Front end tier would be hosted on S3 using HTML. Backend application will be executed using Lambda function, front-end requests would be directed to backend application using AWS API Gateway. DB tier would be hosted on Aurora Serverless. Finally, how to stitch all these components together.

What Sets Us Apart?

Complete beginner to expert skills – This course does not assume any expertise in the Serverless architecture. We give you step by step instructions, and in fact, we hand hold you through all the exercises together with you.

Practical demo tutorials – Where most courses bombard you with dense theory and set you on your way, we believe in developing a deep understanding of not only what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it. That’s why we focus on building up your understanding for infinitely better results down the line.

I am not an engineer; will this course still benefit me?

Whether you are a start-up founder, a product manager or a project manager - it is quite likely that your organization is already using or will be using these technologies. You might not be interested in learning about new technologies. Well, we don’t blame you for that. But whether you like it or not, any business relies on updating the new technology to survive.

Is your IT career on the right track?

Well, if you invest your time and bring an eagerness to learn, we guarantee you real, actionable education at a fraction of the cost you can demand as an IT engineer or consultant. We are confident your investment will come back to you in no time.

So, if you're ready to make a change and learn how to go serverless, click the "Add to Cart" button below.

What are you waiting for? Click the “Add to Cart” button below and get started today with our course “AWS MasterClass: Go Serverless with AWS Lambda and Amazon Aurora.”

Let’s do this together!

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