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Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR & React 360

In and Out of React VR and React 360 - a virtual reality technology that holds enormous potential to change the future.

Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR & React 360

Udemy Offer Course Description

In-depth & Hands-On practical course on React VR and React 360.

Virtual Reality is a form of interactive computer-generated environment that immerses users in a three-dimensional environment.

“Are you guys fascinated in learning a technology that grow wider than our imaginations?” If yes, welcome to this course “Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR and React 360”. This course is very rare of its kind and includes even a very thin detail of React VR and React 360.

In this course you will get to understand a step by step learning of building virtual reality (VR) apps in the technology from where it all started i.e., Facebook’s React VR and its latest version React 360.

Every lecture in this course is explained in 2 Steps.

· Step 1 : Explanation of the concepts theoretically.

· Step 2 : Practicals – Implementing its full code practically on web.

The overall inclusions and benefits of this course:

· Complete React VR and React 360 explained from SCRATCH to its Real-time implementation.

· Each and every concept is explained by a HANDS-ON working example.

· To give a virtual look of concepts we used, this course is crafted with Presentations to make the understanding effective and easy.

· Codes and assets used in lectures are attached in the course for your convenience.

After learning the basics of ReactVR and React 360, this course is attached with following three big projects that showcase each and every concept of ReactVR and React 360 at paper-thin level.

· Solar System

· Hide and Seek Game

· Art Gallery

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