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Modern Python Application Development in Practice!

A practical guide to creating your own unique program using modern Python!

Modern Python Application Development in Practice!

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Over the years, Python has turned out to be a boon for developers and it is very powerful, can run everywhere, and offers flexibility! With the growing demand for full-stack developers, it is important to learn how you can combine the powers of Python with other libraries to create amazing applications. To further your software development career, you need to understand why and how Python executes your code so that you can create clean code that compiles in time. This Course unleashes the power of Python's functionalities to create compelling applications!

This comprehensive 4-in-1 course follows a step-by-step approach taking you through the tools of Modern Python to build your Python application from scratch! To begin with, you’ll learn generators and itertools and get an introduction to creating your own functions classes and modules. Create your own Django templates for your Python web API and learn to use template filters and tags. Explore the tools and formats to distribute packages, command-line, GUI and web applications. Finally, you’ll tackle Python performance problems and speed up your apps with parallelism, concurrent execution, and OOP!
Towards the end of this course, you'll learn Python like a professional to build REST APIs &  powerful apps using modern Python!

Contents and Overview

This training program includes 4 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

The first course, Getting Started with Modern Python, covers creating your own unique program using modern Python. In this course, you will start by setting up your development environment, including downloading Python and setting up your IDE (PyCharm); you'll then be introduced to Python lists and list comprehensions. The course will then show you what a generator is and why you might want to use one. Further on, you will be introduced to functions and decorators, and see how you can use them. You will then learn how to create a very simple, single-file Python program, and how to execute it both from the command line and from within the IDE. You'll also get a very brief introduction to debugging. By the end of the course, you'll have learned how to manipulate strings, parsing and printing them.

The second course, Building REST APIs with Python, covers building REST APIs with Python. With the growing demand for full-stack developers, it is important to learn how you can combine the powers of Python with other libraries to create amazing applications. Django has basic front-end support but we show how complex operations can be performed at the front-end. We show you how to unleash the power of Python's Rest API and other functionalities to create compelling applications powered by ReactJS. We will be using a production-level database such as Postgres. Delving into key aspects such as code reusability, deployment and maintaining your application, we discuss production server configuration and bundle technologies with Python to provide an end-to-end web development solution.

The third course, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Python Application Development, covers building powerful & efficient applications with Python. The course starts by dealing with performance issues and learning how to tackle them in an application. Distributing an application with Python is not easy but you will learn ways to distribute applications developed using Python along with GUIs, web applications, and more. Further, you will learn to test your application at different levels and use modern software at the development stage. You will also learn to expand productivity using standard and third-party tools. Finally, you will learn to protect your code quality from potential errors and detect any problem at an early stage, to prevent any issues later. By the end, of course, you will have learned many tips and tricks while developing an application with Python; you'll excel at this and avoid encountering major problems as a developer. So, grab this course and take your applications to the next level!

The fourth course, Troubleshooting Python Application Development, covers quick fixes for your Python application development problems. This course takes you through a structured journey of performance problems that your application is likely to encounter, and presents both the intuition and the solution to these issues. You'll get things done, without a lengthy detour into how Python is implemented or computational theory. Quickly detect which lines of code are causing problems, and fix them quickly without going through 300 pages of unnecessary detail.

By the end of the course, you'll learn Python like a professional to build REST APIs & powerful apps using modern Python!

About the Authors

  • Paul Oliver is the Principal Software Architect at Vosaic. Vosaic helps its users unlock insights with the video for education and simulations. Vosaic is closely aligned with Hudl, which is the premier video platform for sports. Before taking on the role at Vosaic, he worked as a software developer and architect in the banking and criminal justice industries. Throughout his career, he's been passionate about building well-architected software solutions with the security of primary importance. He's architected several applications in the cloud using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Heroku. He received his BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his Masters of Business Administration degree from Creighton University.

  • Praveen Kumar Sreeram works as a Solution Architect at PennyWise Solutions (an Ogilvy and Mather Company). He has over 12 years' experience in the field of development, analysis, design, and delivery of applications of various technologies, including custom web development using ASP.NET and MVC to building mobile apps using the cross-platform technology Xamarin for domains such as insurance, telecom, and wireless expense management. He has twice been recognized as a Most Valuable Professional by one of the leading social community websites, CSharpCorner, for his contributions toward writing articles and helping community members, mostly on Microsoft Azure. He is highly focused on learning about technology.

  • Omkar Dusane is a software developer based in Mumbai, India. He has designed and developed many software products for startups. He is a food enthusiast and a Node.js lover and was a senior Microsoft Student Partner who represented India at Microsoft Global Student Partner Summit in 2016. He is currently Product Engineer at Kennect Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai and is responsible for business execution and intelligence tools for various industries. He encourages serverless technologies and has an eye for scalability of new web technologies.

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