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Upgrade from JSP to Thymeleaf with SpringMVC and Spring Boot

Replace Java Server Pages with Thymeleaf - the modern, design friendly, template engine, to build better Spring web apps

Upgrade from JSP to Thymeleaf with SpringMVC and Spring Boot

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If you are building web front-ends with Spring Boot or Spring MVC, and you're still using JSP (Java Server Pages) then this course is for you. Thymeleaf is a great templating engine which replaces JSP, and you can easily use it in any Spring MVC or Spring Boot application. Unlike JSP it's a pleasure to use. With Thymeleaf you work with regular HTML, which means that a lot of the frustration of JSP is taken away.

If you've been given a set of HTML and CSS templates to use for a project, Thymeleaf lets you integrate them with ease. Or if you're building the functionality and handing off to a web-designer, they'll be able to work with your code with no knowlege of Java or Spring.

In this course you'll learn:

  • How Thymeleaf allows you to seamlessly work with Web Designers

  • How to integrate your code into standard HTML/XHTML without breaking the design

  • How to manage forms, validation and error handling

  • How to convert a legacy JSP project to Thymeleaf

By the end of this course you'll be confidently able to build functional and effective front-ends for your Spring web applications.

As well as teaching programming, I've been building websites with Spring for a number of years, and I started using Thymeleaf about 3 years, ago. And I'd never go back! Amongst other things I find Thymeleaf sites much easier to support and maintain as application requirements change, and I think that's why I'm so much of a fan of it!

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