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Ethereum and Solidity, The Complete Guide for Developer

Build Food Supply Chain - Real World Blockchain Decentralized Applications, Using Ethereum, Solidity and Smart Contract

Ethereum and Solidity, The Complete Guide for Developer

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Using Smart Contract to build Real-World Blockchain Ready Apps - Food Supply Chain? Yep! 

Solidity complete course? Covered. 

Truffle - World Class Ethereum Framework? Yep! 

ERC20 TokenCryptocurrency )? Yep!

ERC20 Token Security Audit or Checklist? Yep!

OpenZeppelin - Upgrading Smart Contract? Yep!

Because of the potential Benefit that blockchain can bring a lot to the table. Blockchain technology has become so much popular and one of the most demanded technology in this recent years ( and is predicted will be one of the biggest markets in more years to come ).

More and more companies had invested in this famous amazing database ( blockchain ) and made the demand for blockchain developers ( skills ), has skyrocketed over the last few years throughout many countries, such as Asia and Europe. and because of the lack of blockchain developers, made the salary of blockchain developers is higher than developers working with other technologies.

Because is not easy and fast enough to produce the developer that can really fastly understand :

What is the Blockchain and How does it work? 

How to write the smart contract with solidity well?

( Because as a programmer, By learning the programming language ( solidity ) well, then you can create, by means, of any application with any condition )

How to Automation Test the smart contract?

How to really build the applications that support the needed in certain industries ( such as Food Market, Healthcare, Cryptocurrency, and more )?

What is Cryptocurrency ( Token ) and How it works?

How to write the token smart contract that really followed the rules of the ERC20 Token standard?

How to find the token Bugs, Error, and Vulnerabilities? By doing the process of security audit and checklist

Why ??? Because of the very tiny complete resources out there.

So, the purpose of this course is to show and let you learn steps by steps from the very basic ( remix, solidity, smart contract, truffle ) until you can create your :

1. own real-world Food Supply Chain Dapps that can be accessed from Web Browser, plus beautiful design for your application front end ( that created from React, Next JS, and React Semantic User Interface ).

2. own Real-World Ethereum ERC20 Token Smart contract by following the basic security audit and checklist. so, make sure that your tokens can have functionality that is recommended by the rules of the ERC20 Token standard.

Just for some information for you, you are come to the right place, Starting in 2019, 75% stating that they are likely to leverage Ethereum Platform ( Public blockchains ) in the future for business applications.

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