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Front End & Fullstack - React 16.8 +

Full course for beginners to learn Full Stack React, MERN, Redux, Node.js, React Router 4, Networking

Front End & Fullstack - React 16.8 +

Udemy Offer Course Description

React provides the perfect solution for creating JavaScript-based interfaces, with a huge range of uses for it including building native mobile apps and web apps.

This class will teach you to build dynamic website components and real-time applications with React.js.

React is a Javascript library, developed in 2013 by Jordan Walke of Facebook. You’ll find React is both very popular (it’s the 5th most starred JS library on GitHub) and used on major sites including on Facebook, Netflix, and Khan Academy.

You’ll love the flexibility of using React with your favorite web technologies (except for jQuery!), and this path will take you from the fundamentals all the way up to building full apps with custom styling. With this class, learn the A-Z of React :

  • the basics and fundamentals with snack-bite size video lessons. From simple to complex, tutorials and exercises will help you get up to speed fast with the main concepts of web development with react.js

  • Understanding React Components (stateless and stateful components)

  • writing and displaying data with JSX

  • Networking with asynchronous HTTP requests & RESTFul APIs

  • Maintain your Application's State

  • Passing dynamic data with props objects

  • Component lifecycle (componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate)

  • Communication between components

  • Events and event binding

  • Working with State and HTML5 LocalStorage

  • Creating maintainable code with JavaScript Modules

  • Data Persistence with Redux

  • Routing with React Router 4

  • Taking advantage of new ES6 Features

  • The React Hooks (useState, useEffect)

  • + So much more

What we will be building together?

  • A real-time and single page application - Countdown Timer - stating how many days, hours and minutes are left until this awesome event you look forward to.

  • The classic Todo List example to get up to speed with the basics and main concepts in a short amount of time

  • An interactive - checklist - developed with the Bootstrap Library, Font Awesome icons & HTML5 Localstorage

  • A front to back example with MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js & Node.js)

  • a weather widget with the Restful API openweathermap(dot)org

  • + So much more

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone willing to learn and build solid frontend skills

  • Developers who wish to grow and sharpen their javascript skills

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