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Professional macOS Programming

Learn how to code for your macOS application using the latest tools, designs, & best coding practices with Swift & XCode

Professional macOS Programming

Udemy Offer Course Description

macOS is known for its tight integration across the Apple ecosystem of mac platforms and devices. In this course, you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of working on macOS that enables you to unleash its full potential using Swift to build applications.

The course will show you how to set up your environment easily and create your projects and properly lay out the controls. Discover the principles of programming by using Swift and Xcode, and see how to combine your knowledge into writing macOS programs. Look at the common design patterns that you need to know to plan anything more than a simple project for your desktop applications. You will add different functionality to the app like detecting touches, deleting and adding apps. Add animations to your application and to different layers for making it more dynamic. Finally, you will cover SpriteKit game development using macOS programming to add a small game to your app’s functionality.

By the end of this course, you’ll be well-acquainted with Swift, Cocoa, Apple Scripts, and a plethora of other essential tools. You’ll be ready to tackle advanced software projects on macOS.

About the Author

Dee Aliyu Odumosu has developed over 120 apps for global clients, including both individuals and start-ups. His apps range from basic to very complex, some of which he features on his own website. Dee’s passion for computer programming began in 2006 with his first contact with Java programming language. For the last 5 years, Dee has been successfully programming on the iOS platform using Objective-C and Swift languages.

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