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A Complete 2021 Guide to a Stunning Web Design using Wix

A beginners guide to designing and launching a stunning website using Wix in less than 2 Hours.

A Complete 2021 Guide to a Stunning Web Design using Wix

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This course will take you into the mind of a web designer to understand the process of creating an impactful website design. You will learn the exact techniques and tools on Wix that will make your website outstanding and represent your brand to attract your ideal clients. The course combines digital branding and website design to give you a clear understanding of how to build a website that supports their business. If you are ready to become a website designer or launch your very own website this course is perfect for you.

First I'll guide you into designing a digital brand framework. Naturally, a website is a digital brand, it leaves an immediate impression on your users. Your website will answer a lot of questions about your brand personality just from the design elements - font, text style, colors and language. To start you off, I will coach you through making the right decision for your website digital brand design.

Secondly, I'll give you an express WIX tour. Wix is a very dynamic web design platform that continues to expand its features to create even more great websites. However, as a beginner there are just a few key features you need to know to change the game. The features I'll show you will help you design like a pro in less than one hour.

Finally, you'll take all the tools I've shared with you to design a stunning website step by step with me. You'll be surprised!

Are you ready? Let's do this!

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