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Programming in c

C Language

Programming in c

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This C programming course is made for the aspirants who want to crack any competitive exam related to CSE stream, whether it is GATE or UGC-NET and for engineering students of all streams, as it is mandatory subjects in first year in degree programs. They will learn each and everything in detail about C language which helps them to solve any query related to it. Course is also for students from 9th, 10th or 12th grade, who has taken Computers subject. Concepts has been cleared with taking lots of examples and practice questions. This course will cover all the topics of C programming i.e. Basics of C programming , operators, Flow control statements, branching statements(conditional and unconditional i.e. if, if-else, nested if-else, break, return, continue, goto, for , while, do-while loop ) , arrays, pointers, Dynamic memory allocation, Functions, structure , union , File handling etc.   Everything will be explained and in simple and easy language. All the lectures will in detail, and help students to learn C language. Along with videos, course content notes, assignments, practice questions, will also be provided. and according to students response, code running videos will also be posted, which is most important part of learning code, because practical knowledge is must rather than theoretical knowledge

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