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Aws Certified Cloud Practice Exam

Attend this Aws Certified Cloud Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam


Sample Questions:

Which of the following is the amount of storage that can be stored in the Simple Storage service?

1 TB


1 PB

Virtually unlimited storage

Which services allow the customer to retain full administrative privileges of the underlying virtual infrastructure?

Amazon EC2

Amazon 53

Amazon Lambda

Amazon Dynamo DB

Which of the following AWS services should you use to migrate an existing database to AWS?

AWS Lambda

AWS Storage gateway


AWS Snowball

You have a mission-critical application which must be globally available at all times. If this is the case, which of the below deployment mechanisms would you employ

Deployment to multiple edge locations

Deployment to multiple Availability Zones

Deployment to multiple Data Centers

Deployment to multiple Regions

Which of the following can be used to protect against Ddos attacks. Choose 2 answers from the options given below Please select:



AWS Shield

AWS Shield Advanced

Which of the following is a server less compute offering from AWS?


AWS Lambda



Which of the following is a best practice when working with permissions in AWS? Please select

Ensure the least privilege access is used

Use the root account credentials

Don't use IAM users and groups

ensure the highest privilege access is used

What is the ability provided by AWS to enable fast, easy, and secure transfers of files over long distances between your client and your Amazon S3 bucket.

File Transfer

HTTP Transfer

Transfer Acceleration

53 Acceleration

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