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Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch

Learn real world hands -on web development skills | Create 7 Apps


This  introductory course to  HTML ,CSS and JavaScript is  vital for anyone who wants to become a web developer..

These three technologies are skills every web developer must learn and have.

HTML : Used to create  content

CSS: Used to present the content

JavaScript : Used to create interaction

They are the building blocks of all websites and web based projects.

This course will teach you the basics of these three technologies by creating a basic one page website and 7 other projects.

What You will learn  include:

Introduction to basic HTML

  • Creating a very basic website

  • Planning a basic website

  • Assembling files and folders

  • What is HTML

  • HTML document structure

  • Anatomy of HTML element

  • Marking up text

  • Links

  • Using comments

  • HTML Attributes

Introduction to  basic CSS

  • What is CSS

  • Ways to apply CSS

  • CSS Ruleset

  • CSS basic selectors

  • Styling multiple elements

  • CSS Box model

  • Using margin and padding properties

  • Changing background color

  • CSS Display property

  • CSS Font property

  • Using google fonts

Introduction to basic JavaScript

  • What is JavaScript

  • Where to place JavaScript

  • Variables

  • Data Types

  • Operators

  • Operator precedence

  • Using Conditionals

  • Functions

  • Events

  • Using Linting tools

  • Adding image changer

  • Adding personalized message

Projects we will create :

  • TodoList

  • Calculator

  • Interactive quiz

  • Image slider

  • Countdown timer

  • Weight converter tool

  • Loan calculator

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