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NodeJs Authentication using PassportJs

Learn JSON Web Token Authentication, Twitter, Google, And Github Authentication in Nodejs using PassportJs


What is PassportJs?

Passport is a middleware for express.js. It supports various login types, Basic, Token, Local (username, password), OAuth, OAuth2, etc. We can combine these to allow users to authenticate by signing in with Google, FB, or whatever service with very minimal amount of code. We can also use this to combine external auth services so users can choose to login with one of the selected Strategies, e.g. Google, Twitter. It's much quicker to use passport for authentication than to build one yourself from scratch. This is why we use passport. You don't need passport, it just makes developing quicker

What you will learn in this course:

  • Implement JSON Web token Authentication using Passport-JWT strategy
  • Implement Twitter Authentication using Passport-Twitter Strategy
  • Implement Google Authentication using Passport-Google Strategy
  • Implement Github Authentication using Passport-Github Strategy

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