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Getting Started with Ionic v2/v3 and Parse Server

Learn to build mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps using Ionic v2/v3 and Parse Server as the backend.


Create an Android, iOS and Windows Phone using Ionic Framework v2/v3 and Parse Server as the backend. All you need is little know-how of HTML, CSS and JS. Ionic Framework v2 uses Angular 2, and v3 uses Angular 4 which in turn use TypeScript. We will be learning all this while building a complete app from scratch. Since Ionic 3 is very similar to Ionic 2, the app that you build after April 6th, 2017 will be built with Ionic 3 instead of Ionic 2.

Learn to perform CRUD operations on data stored on Parse Server using the Parse Server's RESTful API in Ionic 2/3. We will be building a Friends List app from scratch and perform create, read, update and delete operations on the data stored on Parse Server. You do not need to buy or download anything to take this course, all you need is a computer with any OS installed on it and you are ready to get stared with the course. 

You will also learn how to install and deploy a full-fledged Parse Server for free along with the amazing Parse Dashboard that we all have been missing since Parse announced its termination. All you Parse data will be stored on you own server. Don't want to go online? No worries, everything can be tried out on a local machine just the same way.

All the tools we use throughout the course are either free or opensource. We will use Microsoft's latest open-source IDE, Visual Studio Code to write our application code. We will also deploy our Parse Server on C9 which is free for basic usage.

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