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Beast Android Development:Integrating A Node.Js Server

Learn how to create and combine a Node.js server with Firebase to create powerful, faster, and more secure android apps.


Firebase alone although a useful and powerful back end is not enough to build a truly great android app. It is best to create a node.js server to play middle man between your android client and Firebase. By having a node.js server, you improve security, app performance, and unlock features such as user to user push notifications! 

The main purpose of this course is to show you how to build and utilize a node.js server with Firebase to create a powerful android application. In order to accomplish this goal, we will build a fully functional chatting app from scratch. This app will contain features such as real time chatting, user profiles, and notifications to name a few. You will also pick up some UI tricks like creating a bottom navigation bar, using circular image views, and wiring up a search bar. 

This course is designed for intermediate Android Developers. We are going to be creating plenty of android code but a lot of boilerplate code such as recycler-view adapters will not be explained. Therefore, it is best that you already have a firm understanding on Android. In addition, you are also expected to know the basics of rx-java. Rxjava will play a big role in our project and there will be no basic explanations such as what observables/observers are. Although we will be building a node.js server, you are not required to know how to code in javascript. Just be sure to be ready for the challenge of quickly picking up a new language! 

This course is one of a kind as there is no other Android course that tackles implementing a node.js server into development. By taking this course not only will you achieve a whole new level in your development skills but you'll be able to build any app you can think of!  


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