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Guide to ES6 Syntax in JavaScript

The new JavaScript Standard


  • Declaring variables with let, const

  • Scope differences between let, const, var

  • Why you shouldn’t use var keyword

  • Using template strings to interpolate data

  • Template strings with functions

  • How hoisting works in JS

  • Arrow functions & scope explained

  • Differences between the rest & spread operators

  • Objects and Classes

  • Getters & Setters in Classes

  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous Programming

  • Callback Functions in JavaScript

  • Explanation of Callback Hell

  • Introduction to Promises, Promise All / Race

  • AJAX requests with Promises

  • Using the Fetch API, Async & Await Syntax

  • Iterators and Generators

  • Generators with Promises

  • Maps, Sets, Proxies explained

  • JavaScript Modules, AMD vs CommonJS

  • Babel, Transpiling, Staying On Top of ES

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