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Google DART Programming for Android- BOOTCAMP [UPDATED]

Get updated with current trend on ANDROID and FUSCHIA in 2021


Dart, Google's second programming language after Go programming language. So why did Google create another programming language? It doesn't mean Go programming language unacceptable language. Then of course you're wrong Go is much for specific to simplify the process of software development, particularly for complex architecture and processes where as Dart programming language is more towards UI to build cross platform applications i.e Android and IOS. It is used as primary language to develop Flutter based application.

Reasons to learn Dart programming language:

  1. Dart is hugely productive and loved by developers because of its clean, simple, terse syntax.

  2. Dart syntax is like C programming language and also supports object oriented programming and strong typing

  3. Easy to use

  4. It supports cross platform app development i.e Android and IOS

  5. Dart community is much more active than any other programming language after Java programming language.

  6. It can be used for creating attractive web and Android applications, and also IOT, AR, VR based applications, the future technologies of IT.

  7. Dart is future. Learn this simple, reliable, flexible programming language.

You'll learn complete foundational concepts about Dart. Topics covered Datatype like numbers, strings, boolean), operators, decision making statement, loops, recursion, symbols, runs and many more.

Are you ready to develop beautiful application? If Yes, enroll now.

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