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Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) Practice Exam Test

Comprehensive Certification Quality Engineer Exam Preparation test


Why Become an CQE?

You become certified by demonstrating the following core competencies through work experience and passing the CQE examination:

· Quality management and leadership - the philosophies and foundations of quality, its leadership principles and techniques, and proven communication skills.

· Develop the quality management system (QMS) – design, documentation, standards and guidelines, quality training and auditing, and the cost of quality (COQ).

· Design of products, processes, and services - classification of characteristics, verification and validation, and reliability and maintainability.

· Critical skills required to implement effective product and process control - acceptance sampling, material control, metrology, and measurement system analysis.

· Mastery of the quantitative tools and techniques that drive continuous improvement, from lean and corrective action to kaizen and Six Sigma.

· Ability to summarize data, draw statistical conclusions, analyse distributions, test hypotheses, perform capability studies, and design and execute experiments.

· Be fluent in risk management: its oversight, assessment, control, auditing, and testing.

What Industry to CQE’s Work In

Below is a list of industries that historically have maintained a Quality System and therefore employ Quality Engineers.

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Aviation, Space & Defense

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Biomedical (Medical Devices)

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Energy Industry (Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemical, etc)

  • Engineering & Construction Firms

A quality engineer is responsible for the generation of a strategic plan to improve the business processes and increase production output. Duties include creating the company's quality standards and testing systems to reflect efficiency, reliability and performance. Quality engineers are also responsible for the creation of documentation that reports issues and errors relating to the production process with efforts placed to find a solution. Depending on the industry and organization, the typical career advancement for a quality engineer is in a managerial or executive position.

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