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iGNLP™ Certificate in Advanced NLP Leadership & Management

NLP : Discover how to leverage the power and tools of NLP Neuro-linguistic programming to be a better leader or manager


As an NLP Practitioner Coach, Business leader or manager you are focussed on results. In this ground breaking, iGNLP™ Accredited training you will discover how to operate at your best, motivate your team to work at their best and acheive the optimum results in your business.

  • Become a more effective leader through using the power of NLP 

  • Learn how to manage people in a way that meetss with their values and drivers

  • Discover  how to  use NLP to craft your Vision as both an individual and a business.

  • Using NLP - Learn how to motivate your team through cultivating a shared vision

  • Discover how to help your team develop an individual vision and the motivation to chase after the vision.

  • Learn the NLP skills of pacing and leading to  understand the current experience of your followers before you go about changing anything.

  • Understand change- the power of change, and ho to manage change with NLP

  • Understand leadership  management and change from a Systems Thinking Perspective

  • Learn how to use NLP to manage boundaries and limits to ensure that your business is working at its best.

This course is perfect for Entrepreneurs, Business owners and managers that are looking to perform at their best and get the best out of their business.

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