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Practical Python : write over 50+ scripts in python

Practice python in different dimensions by solving over 50 real world problems


Today , there are many courses that explain the basic notions and fundamentals of certain programming languages like python but that is not sufficient for the real programmers and developers to push their skills to the next level , they need a practical side to improve their programming sense in order to solve the different problems they encounter.

In this course you are going to learn how to practice python efficently by writing over 50 scripts that solves real world problems.

What are the things students are going to learn from the course: 

- Learn to do operations on data containers (lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets...)

- Learn to write python functions (with real world examples)

- Learn how to handle and manipulate files ( reading, writing, adding, deleting, extracting ... )

- Work with different packages and libraries to solve problems in a quick and easy way

- Get familiar with special functions (lambda anonymous function)

- Build graphical user interfaces using Tkinter library

- Get familiar with all different widgets of Tkinter library ( Buttons, Checkbuttons, Canvas,    Spinbox, ProgressBar, Labels, Radiobuttons... etc)

- Learn to install new packages using the pip command

- Learn to use Geopy library to calculate the distance between the different cities of the world

At the end of this course , you will be able to solve the different problems you face in the programming world with the power of python.

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