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Website Speed Optimization - Front-end + WordPress

Keep your users happy (and support marketing efforts) by optimizing your site and cutting down the page load time!


We all know how terrible experience is a slow service. Who likes to wait more than needed at the bar, in the shop queue, or in traffic? No one, of course. And it's no different with websites and any other web-based services: slow service is irritating. Even more, given that in today's world we want everything instantly.

Users will be unhappy, if your site will work slow - or at least slower than they expected. They will more likely go away and find better, lighter, quicker alternative to stop being frustrated and enjoy the service they need. But did you know, that slow sites will also rank lower in search engines?

The solution is not easy, as there are many areas on which the site's performance can gain or lose. However, there are tens of things you can do, and some of them are pretty easy.

Whether you recently finished the web developer course, or you're already developing for some time, this is the place where you will learn all the basic and intermediate methods to speed up the sites you create. Upon implementing the techniques presented in this course, you will be able to visibly boost your site's load time, and also - if your site is more complex - you will be able to make it work much faster within the browser.

I will show you how to boost your site's performance by:

  • reducing number of resources, their sizes, and complexity of your code

  • choosing proper image file formats and tuning their settings

  • optimizing placement of images on the page

  • optimizing your styles and scripts by doing the same things more efficiently

  • manipulating the order in which browsers download resources

  • configuring your server

Also, as a bonus, I prepared a couple of hints how to speed up your WordPress installation. And whenever the techniques mentioned in the course need CMS support, I show you how to implement them on a site powered by WordPress.

Well-optimized site will bring a number of gains. I mentioned happier users, more likely to stay on the site, and the boost in search engines, which will support SEO efforts.

But optimization will also bring savings in storage and bandwidth usage over the time. It will also save energy: well-optimized resources will need less energy to be sent between browser and server, and they will use less battery on the end user's devices. So it's more eco too, if you like to think this way.

But if you're rather selfish, there are benefits for you - personally:

  • your clients will be happier when you create for them fast websites,

  • your value as a web developer, capable of building efficient sites, will grow,

  • your salary or prices will likely grow.

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