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Interview Questions on Web Programming

100+ Real and Tricky Question and Answers


Coding interviews are a challenging test of knowledge.

As a software developer, interviewer expect you to have a good understanding of HTML,CSS, JavaScript, etc

With this test, you will have a chance to practice with real interview questions. It will help to identify weakness in your knowledge, reduce your stress and give you an advantage over the competition.

This test contains 180  real interview question about Web programming

This course contains over 6 Practice test. It is designed for anyone who is responsible for interviewing job candidates at their company. While there are some advanced interviewing topics, it is ideally suited for both experienced and inexperienced interviewers.

Important Questions at one place, interactive Topic wise Quiz with explanation afterwards.

Sometimes we can build projects but don't know some jargon and some core concept on which sometimes companies focus, This course will save your time and you even if you are confident to know everything, this will be a great practice/revision course for you.

This Course Contains  :

  • Questions on HTML

  • Questions on CSS

  • Questions on JavaScript

  • Some tricky Questions

This Course will help you to crack the coding Interview on Web programming

This course (practice tests) is therefore organized into six time bound test papers covering some of the most commonly asked interview questions (180+ questions) with their answers. Targeted topics include Basic Programming concepts, Object Oriented Programming

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