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Natural Language Processing(NLP) COUPONCODE :EARLYBIRD100

includes sentiment analysis,frequent words used and their clusters, topic modeling, network mapping, prediction and more


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the new area of computer science and AI concerned with the application of computational techniques to the analysis and synthesis of natural language & speech.

By combining the power of AI & computational linguistics NLP gives systems the ability to understand, interpret and manipulate human language by simulating the human ability to understand a language.

Natural Language Processing is at the center of AI revolution adds features like understanding the sentiments, cluster of words used or predict the next response and augmented with systems boosts the computing power with less human interface. Thus we have designed and bundled this course for all skill levels even if one have no programming skills or statistical background.

This course features on:

Next Gen Intelligence: Learn and master the power of AI with computational linguistics in world's leading R programming language.

Core Ai: The course covers all the key concepts of NLP from replicating functions of the human mind to predicting.

Real World Case Studies: To leverage your overall learning experience we have bundled the course with real life data for hands-on experience to solve real world problems.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn and master data transformation, create text corpus, remove spare terms with Tm package and manipulate text data using regular expression.

  • Perform sentiment analysis to know the negative or the positive response and topic modeling using LDA to identify the topics of 1000 documents without being going through each.

  • Understand the connection of each words using Network analysis or even cluster the words used to solve problems like search keywords used to arrive on the website.

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