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Bolt Beginner Basics - Roll-A-Ball Complete Course

Make your Game today!


In this course we will create a Roll-A-Ball game from scratch.

Learn to 3D model!

You will learn how to create your own 3D models for use in your game. Then bring them to life using Bolt Visual Scripting!

Become a Unity Expert!

You will improve your understanding of the Game Development process from start to finish, with many helpful hints along the way!

Learn C#?!?

Bolt helped me learn C#, as they are very similar. Using Bolt, you too can learn the fundamentals of C#, without the syntax! Just search for the Logic you need and build it, I will show you how easy it can be to make your ideas a reality!

Speed up Development!

Quickly prototype your ideas and make changes to the logic in Play Mode, speed up your Game's development time!


Important: This course requires Bolt Visual Scripting from the Unity Asset Store.

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