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Automate Application with Specflow and Selenium WebDriver C#

BDD with SpecFlow (based on Gherkin) and Selenium WebDriver with C# + Intro to UnitTesting and TDD with TestStack.White


This course is all about growing object-oriented software guided by tests.

SpecFlow is a framework which brings Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) into life. It is all about filling the gap between technical people and domain experts. SpecFlow is based of a Gherkin language which is very close to natural (though, it is formalized). So, non-technical people can write executable documentation on their own.

Selenium is a framework which allows to drive browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.). In other words, with the power of Selenium, you can write a program which automatically interacts with elements on a web page.

TestStack.White (sometimes, written as "teststack white") is a framework which allows to drive WinForms and WPF applications.

This course covers:

  • Theoretical background behind different types of testing (unit, integration, and acceptance testing)

  • SpecFlow: generating steps, run and debug tests, passing parameters, scenario outline, data table, converting parameters, converting data table, custom conversions, sharing data, categorizing tests, scoped execution, hooks and other features

  • Selenium WebDriver: Locators, XPath Locators, CSS Locators, Interacting with all the types of Elements, Timeouts: Explicit and Implicit, Locators Priority, Picking Scenarios to Test, "Page Object" design pattern, Page Object Factory, uploading files

  • Scraping a Live Web Site with Selenium WebDriver

  • Selenium Extras: managing a web browser

  • TestStack.White and Building a WPF App by TDD (with MVVM)

  • Appendixes: intro to Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development

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