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Learn Responsive Web Design 101 from scratch

Learn HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Web Design from scratch. Get started with no prior experience required!


Learn how to create a responsive website from scratch! No prior experience required, no special software or hardware. Get started on any computer, right now!

In this course you will learn a lot, and everything is included, meaning you'll learn HTML and page structure, along with some CSS and how to attach .css and .js files to your web page. 

In this course you will learn about HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Web Design (how to make mobile friendly websites!)

Some of the things you will learn in this beginner-friendly course are:

  • How to create an HTML page and view it (within the first 3 minutes of this course)

  • How HTML page structure works

  • How to import .css and .js files properly 

  • How to nest HTML elements inside of each other

  • How to write HTML entities 

  • How to add custom HTML classes and ID's for custom styling in CSS

You'll learn a lot about CSS, including:

  • Basic styling, such as background colors, text colors, font sizes and more

  • How CSS specificity works, and how to override it

  • How to style elements, ID's and classes

  • Nesting and grouping CSS selectors 

  • Responsive Media Queries 

  • Mobile-first, and desktop-first styling methods 

  • Style modifiers 

  • How to center elements horizontally and vertically 

  • The Box Model

  • CSS Gradients

  • How to use and write Flexbox 

  • Transitioning styles (light animations)

And of course you'll learn a tonne of miscellaneous tips, tricks and skills, including:   

  • How to add custom icons to your page

  • How to check if .css and .js files are imported into your page properly

  • How to change your styles directly in the browser

  • How to debug CSS directly in the browser 

  • How to execute very basic JavaScript in the browser 

In this course, the class project is creating a very small and simple fully responsive website. You'll get the source code to modify and learn from, and you'll be able to follow along for real world hands on experience.

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