Hands-on with Pointers in C

Introduction to pointers in C


A pointer is a powerful mechanism to access and manipulate data.

This course will guide you from the basics of utilizing pointers to advanced topics such as Data Structure where pointers have a role.  You will be guided using a hands-on approach where every step will be explained.  This will give the you the opportunity to duplicate the presented coding exercise so that you can gain real insight on how pointers are used in C and C++.

In this course, you will learn how to declare a pointer, what it means to have a pointer and how memory content is manipulated via a pointer.  You will then learn how to reference data so that you can pass by reference to a functions.  Next, you will be guided to how pointers can be used with arrays and we will conclude the course with advanced topics that involve the manipulation of a string and the creation of a Data Structure that employs pointers to dynamically link nodes to form a list.

Knowledge gained from this series of videos can be applied to C and C++.

Make sure that you attempt to replicate the code presented during the lectures.  There are two quizzes you can take in the first section, make sure you attempt them before taking the advanced part with Data Structures. 

You can further learn about pointers  in our complete C course published here on Udemy. 

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