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Java Standard Edition 8 Deep understanding in Arabic

Learn how to develop applications using java and understand core java concepts and features


A Complete reference to the java programming language based on the "Java how to program 10th edition book " - We will cover the following content

  • Chapter 1, Introduction to Computers, the Internet and Java

  • Chapter 2, Introduction to Java Applications; Input / Output and Operators

  • Chapter 3, Introduction to Classes, Objects, Methods and Strings

  • Chapter 4, Control Statements: Part 1; Assignment, ++ and — Operators

  • Chapter 5, Control Statements: Part 2; Logical Operators

  • Chapter 6, Methods: A Deeper Look

  • Chapter 7, Arrays and Array Lists

  • Chapter 8, Classes and Objects: A Deeper Look

  • Chapter 9, Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance

  • Chapter 10, Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism and Interfaces

  • Chapter 11, Exception Handling: A Deeper Look

  • Chapter 12, GUI Components: Part 1

  • Chapter 13, Graphics and Java 2D

  • Chapter 14, Strings, Characters and Regular Expressions

  • Chapter 15, Files, Streams and Object Serialization

  • Chapter 16, Generic Collections

  • Chapter 17, Java SE 8 Lambdas and Streams

  • Chapter 18, Recursion

  • Chapter 19, Searching, Sorting and Big O

  • Chapter 20, Generic Classes and Methods

  • Chapter 21, Custom Generic Data Structures

  • Chapter 22, GUI Components: Part 2

  • Chapter 23, Concurrency

  • Chapter 24, Accessing Databases with JDBC

  • Chapter 25, JavaFX GUI: Part 1

Key benefits of the course 

  • Learn about exciting recent developments in the computer field.

  • Learn computer hardware, software and networking basics.

  • Understand the data hierarchy.

  • Understand the different types of programming languages.

  • Understand the importance of Java and other leading programming languages.

  • Understand object-oriented programming basics. Learn the importance of the

  • Internet and the web.  Learn a typical Java program

  • Test-drive a Java application.

  • Learn some key recent software technologies.

  • See how to keep up-to-date with information technologies.

Main Reference 

  • Java How to program 10th edition early objects

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