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Getting Started with Decision Trees

Learn the basics of Decision Trees - a popular and powerful machine learning algorithm and implement them using Python


Decision Tree algorithm is one of the most powerful algorithms in machine learning and data science. It is very commonly used by data scientists and machine learning engineers to solve business problem and explain that to your customers easily. This course will introduce you to the concept of Decision Trees and teach you how to build one using Python

Why learn about Decision Trees?

  • Decision Trees are the most widely and commonly used machine learning algorithms.

  • It can be used for solving both classification as well as regression problems.

  • Decision Trees are easy to interpret and hence have multiple applications around different industries.

What would you learn in Getting started with Decision Tree course?

  • Introduction to Decision Trees

  • Terminologies related to decision trees

  • Different splitting criterion for decision tree like Gini, chi-square, etc.

  • Implementation of decision tree in Python

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