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RabbitMQ With Spring Boot Messaging (Inc. Docker Clustering)

AMQP, Queue, Exchange, Highly Availability, Clustering, Shovel, Federation Plugin, Binding, RabbitMQ Complete Guide


Hi there,

In this course, we will learn every details of RabbitMQ from A to Z. To learn it, we will use Spring Boot project. First of all, we will start with meaning of it so we will start with basic things. And we will go on step by step with its details...  Maybe the most important thing about this course, we will learn some practical features of RabbitMQ like Highly Availability, Policies that you couldn't find enough resource on internet...

Here is the some basic topics in this course that will be learned:

  1. Queue

  2. Exchange

  3. Binding

  4. Producer

  5. Consumer

  6. Routing Key

  7. Policies

  8. Federation Upstream

  9. Clustering With Docker

  10. Queue Arguments/Features

  11. Highly Availability

In this course, we will work with multiple nodes via Docker. So we will also learn basic Docker commands about RabbitMQ.

Why do we need RabbitMQ?

- Messaging queue... We will see the details of it.

Should we choose rabbitmq over apache-kafka?

- It depends... We will see the details of it.

Is Spring-Boot the right framework to work with rabbitmq? Do we really need it?

- Absolutely. It provides many functionalists and flexibility...

Are there disadvantages of rabbitmq over apache-kafka?

- It depends... We will see the details of it.


To implement all rabbitmq steps, we will create a spring boot project. Our project will include model view controller structure. Of course, one of our aim is to create readable projects at the end of the day.

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