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Oculus Quest / Quest2 Development with Unity3D-Fundamentals

Get a jump start on development with the Oculus Quest and Quest2


I decided to create this course since when I started developing for VR I found it hard to find resources that shows the whole process from start to finish. I found parts here and there and had to piece them together myself.

The goal of this course is to provide a hands on guide from beginning to end for VR development with Oculus Quest and Quest2.

We will do this through a set of project where we do hands on, practical development, creating two apps which we will deploy to the headset for testing.

We will start from scratch by downloading and installing the necessary applications and libraries and set everything up. We will even build, deploy and try a small but functional application in the headset.

After that we dive right into interaction. We will setup our virtual hands and create an environment with which we can interact. We will enhance the game with user interface concepts like canvases, panels and buttons.

Next we will start moving by exploring the possibilities of locomotion. We first get an overview of the mechanisms and then we will dig deeper into the components, like handler and transitions.

In the last section we will briefly look into how to distribute you creations to the world.

After this course you should have a firm foundation of Oculus Quest and Quest2 development and be ready to create on your own.

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