JSON for Beginners

Lets understand JSON


Welcome to JSON for beginner's course. This course is intended for any developer looking forward to learn JSON.  We will first understand what is JSON, what importance does it have in our context of data exchange.  Once we have understood JSON  we will move on to understand another popular data exchange format which is XML. We will compare with an example how data is structure in JSON and in XML

Now that we have pretty high level of understanding of JSON it logically makes senses to now start playing around with it. We will start by first understanding the syntax. Once we have understood the syntax we will move to check different data types, how do we structure data, what  are objects and what are arrays.

We now understand different things but one thing is pending which is how do we read or modify JSON data. In this course we will take help of JavaScript and use Chrome console to see how do we perform different kind of operations on JSON data such read, modify and delete.

We will end up the course by actually setting the context for what next we can do. So in this course we covered the following things

  • What is JSON

  • JSON vs XML

  • Syntax, data types, objects and arrays

  • Operations on JSON using Javascript

  • JSON validator, beautifier and Validator

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