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AWS Mobile with Google Dart

Mastering Mobile development and Integration


Amazon Mobile services play a great role to manage AWS services to support incident response while on-the-go. It provides a console to view and control AWS resources. In this course you will learn about various types amazon  mobile services like Mobile Hub, Device Farm, AppSync, Mobile Analytics (Pinpoint). You would be learning how to create instances for each service and various options to choose from. When you are developing mobile apps for any platform, be it android or ios, or any other platform, you can always integrate various cloud mobile services to add extra functionalities such as push notifications, authentication, etc. You can also perform unit testing of your mobile applications across a wide range of mobile devices virtually on aws within certain time constraints. AWS mobile services currently don't provide a full fledged IDE, but you can integrate its features in your app. You can write your mobile application code in any language of your choice, you would be able to integrate aws mobile services with ease.

Additionally, this course covers fundamental topics which are necessary id you're first time AWS cloud user. Topics like like IAM (Identity and Access Management), Cognito, AWS-CLI (Command line interface), Storage, Compute and Analytics services that can be integrated with various mobile services.

In addition you'll also have a learning path for Dart programming language, Google's second programming language after Go programming language. Topics covered in the course to have a  build up complete foundational concepts about Dart. Topics covered Datatype like numbers, strings, boolean), operators, decision making statement, loops, recursion, symbols, runs and many more.

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