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Creating games without code! The Astro Galaxy Game Room

Mastering Unity Lighting, Render Pipelines, & BOLT - 2d top-down shooter game & interactive 3d game environment


Game Developers Republic is excited to announce, The Astro Galaxy Game Room! A brand new course & series, created to not only help you learn & master lighting, & using unity’s various Render pipelines, but also teach you how to create games & game mechanics, without writing a line of code using BOLT. In this course you'll not only create an interactive 3d environment, with a functional tv with multiple channels & a playable NES like game console, but also Astro Galaxy, a top down 2d space shooter.

However, as most of us know, programming is a huge part of any games development. So it should come to no surprise that for many of us, learning how to write code was always a huge hurdle to overcome if you wanted to develop games.

But with Bolt now free, & officially a part of unity, creating beautiful, engaging, captivating, & fun games has never been easier.

So weather you an artists, designers, or programmer, with over 17 hours of video lessons, over 90 prefabs, over 100 unique texture maps, over 150 sprite & UI elements, 20 LUT color look up tabs, & HDRI images & materials, the Astor galaxy game room - Mastering Unity Lighting, Render Pipelines, & BOLT, course was designed to give you the knowledge, techniques, & the game asset, you need, to take your game from an idea, to a playable reality.

During the 4 chapters of this course, you will learn:

  • How to properly create & set up lights, materials, & post processing effects in both Unity’s default legacy render pipeline, & the Universal scriptable render pipeline.

    • As well as how to use unity’s particle systems to create effects such as light shafts & dust particles.

  • Bolt basics, such as, nodes, events, and transitions.

    • How & when to use flow machines & state machines.

    • Bolt’s various variable types.

    • How to install & integrate unity packages such as cinemachine into Bolt.

    • How to install & integrate 3rd party scripts & plugins such as dotween into bolt.

    • & how to install & integrate custom scripts & classes into bolt.

  • We’ll then learn how to set up & use visual scripting to create game mechanics & dynamic elements in the environment, such as

    • Togglable lights

    • Dynamic cloth effects

    • A tv with multiple channels

    • & a playable retro nintendo like game system

  • With the experience of having created & setup, both basic & advanced game mechanics in Bolt. In the final chapter of the course, using Bolt we’ll learn to design & create game mechanics such as:

    • Creating an endlessly scrolling parallax background

    • Creating Menus & UI elements

    • Controlling Menus & UI elements through BOLT

    • Player movement

    • Enemy movement

    • Creating & incorporating player & enemy health & upgrade mechanics

    • Projectile spawning

    • Player & Enemy spawning

    • Creating & animating 2d sprites

    • Controlling animations through Bolt

    • & much, much, more

So by the end of this course, you’ll not only have created an optimized, beautiful fully lit 3d interactive game environment & scene, with a functional TV & functional retro NES Nintendo like game console, title screen, & menu, but you’ll also have the understanding of how to implement and expand upon the tools & techniques you’ve learned, with the ability to utilize & implement them into your own unique projects or games.

So join us, in this step by step guide to mastering lighting in Unity & creating games without code with Bolt, as we teach you, explaining the logic, concepts, tools, & techniques, as you develop this interactive game environment, scene, menus, & game, from start to finish.

And always remember, DON'T JUST PLAY... CREATE!

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