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The Ultimate Eye-Gazing Meditation Workshop

Experience Deeper Intimacy and Connection in Your Relationships Whilst Exploring the Fundamental Nature of Being


This course presents an integrative and systematic approach to Eye-Gazing Meditation (EGM). The approach is simple, straightforward, and can be enjoyed by just about anyone!

Eye-Gazing Meditation is a uniquely interpersonal and relational approach to meditation that, very quickly, produces profound experiences of intimacy, connection, and insight for those who engage in it. Somehow it has gone largely unnoticed by both the general public, academic researchers and clinicians: I hope this course will change that!

The course takes the format of a 'Question & Answer' workshop and between each of the twenty videos is a quick learning activity that will help you to get the most from the course.

This approach to Eye-Gazing Meditation allows you to:

· Create experiences of deep intimacy with your partner

· Foster an authentic connection with your partner

· Gain profound insights into the nature of Being

· Heal relational traumas that block genuine intimacy

This course is most suitable for:

1. Couples seeking to strengthen their relationship

2. Those hoping to run group workshops and group therapy work

3. Use as a therapeutic intervention in counselling and therapy work with couples and families

4. Individuals who seek a deeper ontological understanding

It is also my hope that this approach to meditation (which is so focussed on creating a sense of connection) might have massive untapped potential when it comes to healing some of the divisions that we see emerging in our communities, societies and species as a whole.

To this end I invite you to join me in experimenting with this innovative approach to interpersonal healing so that you can not only enjoy more intimate and meaningful connections in your own life but share this powerful meditation system with people in your life and your community.

By the end of this course you'll be able to approach Eye-Gazing Meditation with confidence, help others couples to discover the benefits of the practice, and have sufficient knowledge to run your own Eye-Gazing Meditation workshops.

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