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Simple Hadoop with EMR

Unlock the simple side of Hadoop

Simple Hadoop with EMR

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You may have heard about Hadoop and how it solves big data problems. This is a course that takes you through that journey and shows you the simple side of Hadoop. At the end of this course, you will be able to write your own Hadoop applications in Java and see them run through Hadoop to quickly get the results back.

Learn how you can write new Java applications and connect existing ones to the Hadoop framework

  • Write a Mapper in Java
  • Write a Reducer in Java
  • Configure Hadoop settings in Java
  • Build your Java app and deploy to EMR in the cloud
  • Configure and run your Hadoop application in the cloud

Add yourself to the list of Engineers who use Hadoop to solve their business problems on a daily basis.

Using Hadoop should not be reserved to an elite group of developers. Big data is a very common problem and most Software Developers come across that challenge every day. But a lot of times they're left to long running, inefficient scripts to do the job. But you don't have to be one of them. Take this course and see how you can use Hadoop easily and quickly to solve many problems that would otherwise take forever to solve. The course covers plenty of hands-on problems for you to understand the underlying concepts.

Content Overview

This course was designed primarily for Software Developers. But the coding part of it is simple enough for others to understand and follow. Here is the flow of this course:

  • You will be taken through some introductions to terms and concepts that are covered in the course
  • During the concepts explanation, we'll use a simple example which is different than what you'd find in other courses and books
  • You will also be introduced to tools that you need, which includes an overview of Amazon cloud (Amazon Web Services)
  • In the hands-on section, we take the same example that we use before and actually program it in Java. We'll start from scratch and take it all the way until we see our application work and produce results.
  • Then we'll take a more real world problem and also program it from scratch and take it all the way through
  • Finally, we'll take yet another type of problem and also solve it from A to Z to give a different perspective to the students

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