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Google Calendar Live feed to your website Google Apps Script

Explore how you can create a live feed of your Google Calendar entries using Google Apps Script - Add data Spreadsheets

Google Calendar Live feed to your website Google Apps Script

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Perfect course to learn more about how to apply Google Apps Script to help automate and use Google Suite as a source for data.  No Databases just Google Script - output your Calendar to a JSON feed.

BONUS - Free 20+ page downloadable course guide with resources and source code.

Step by step learning!

Please note that JavaScript experience is essential to this course, Google Apps Script is JavaScript cloud based Language which uses pre-built methods to provide really powerful functionality. If you can write JavaScript Apps script is really easy to start using right away ... because its JavaScript in the cloud.

Complete course demonstrate how to write Google Apps Script code, how to create and access the cloud based IDE.   Course scope is to create a starter project and illustrate how Google Script can be used to create applications.

Course covers

  • How to create stand alone script and bound script

  • How to create Documents with Google Apps Script

  • Using Logger log for debugging

  • Bound script getting active spreadsheet as a usable object

  • Adding data to spreadsheet rows.

  • Adding events to Google Calendar

  • Listing events updating timezone from events

  • Adding event data to a spreadsheet

  • Creating trigger to automate scripts

  • Outputting Spreadsheet as JSON

  • Using AJAX to request spreadsheet data and pulling it into client side page

  • Setting up Google Script WebApp

  • Deploy WebApp from IDE and select dev vs exec versions

  • Using doGet to output JSON content

  • Sending Calendar data as JSON data

  • AJAX request to get webapp api data

Source code is included to try the code for yourself

Create a starter project which you can use extend and do some really amazing things with.

Course is taught by a web developer with over 18 years experience and 4+ years working with Google Apps Script.

Fast and friendly support is provided in the Q&A section.

See what you can do - you have nothing to lose make your own Google Apps Script project today.

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