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Python for New learners: Introduction to python programming

Learn basics of Python 3 programming. Start coding in Python 3. Be a Python Enthusiast. love Python !!

Python for New learners: Introduction to python programming

Udemy Offer Course Description

In this course, I will give you a brief introduction to python programming language, how to install it and how to set up a text editor in order to start writing your first code on python, we will also learn how to use commands like print command and variables, which are the basic building block of any programming language.

This course is an introductory course to python programming and students who are willing to get introduced with this language should take this course.

The popularity graph of python language is raising day by day with the due to advancement in artificial intelligence and data sciences. The role of data sciences is getting more and more importance in all profession, from medical sciences to engineering. All great businesses of 21st century are now relying heavily on data. Python is the backbone of data sciences.

The world is moving towards Industrial revolution 4.0 and one of the top programming language behind this advancement is python.

Python is extremely handy when it comes to automate the repetitive tasks. It saves your energy and excessive usage of your human resources, thus saves the operating cost in any business, that is the reason why more and more businesses are adopting technologies in their advancement. In simple world Python is the language of future.

In this course you will learn:

  • Python Installation

  • Installation and setting up an IDE (Pycharm)

  • Writing your first code on python

  • Understand the concept of variables

  • Understand the concept of data types

  • practice your first program written in python.

  • Lists in Python.

  • Make your basic calculator in Python.

  • list functions  and much more...

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