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Spring Boot Autoconfiguration

All what you need in order to understand the concept of Spring boot Autoconfiguration

Spring Boot Autoconfiguration

Udemy Offer Course Description

Course Content

Spring Boot is an extension of the Spring framework, which eliminates the need for defining each and every configuration which is required for setting up a Spring based application and lets the developer focus on the business logic.

By using Spring Boot Autoconfiguration Spring automatically configures your application based on the dependencies that are present on the classpath. With the Spring Boot Starters you get a kind of shop for all the Spring and releated technologies that you need to start developing Spring based applications. If for example, you want to get started using Spring and JPA for database access you just have to include the spring-boot-starter-data-jpa dependency in your project. In this course I explained the concept of Spring Boot Autoconfiguration and I've covered the four most popular and used ContionalOn-xxx annotations:

  • How to create your own Autoconfiguration Class

  • What is @ConditionalOnProperty and how to use it

  • What is @ConditionalOnBean and how to use it

  • What is @ConditionalOnClass and @ConditionalOnMissingClass and how to use them

  • What is @ConditionalOnResource and how to use it

  • Enable the Spring debug mode and analyze the Spring Conditions Evaluation Report

  • How to create your own ConditionalOn-annotation

Course Project

During this course we will focus on the concept of Spring Boot Autoconfiguration and not on building a complex business logic. We will build and simple Spring application which consists of two RestControllers and two Services and we will use the ContionalOn-xxx annotations in order to controller when these Beans should be created. We will Also enable the debug mode in Spring and analyse the Spring Conditions Evaluation Report in order to understand how evaluates the ConditionOn-xxx Annotations.

What You Need

  • A favorite IDE ( e.g. Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA)

  • JDK 11 or later, this course was built using JDK 11

  • You can also unzip the code spring-autoconfiguration-initial.zip and import it straight into your IDE:

    • Eclipse

    • IntelliJ IDEA

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