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Full Stack Grow

Building a scalable web app in the Cloud from the ground up using web components, Docker containers and HarperDB


Want to develop your web app from the ground up with everything you need to grow with your users?  This is the course for you as it wraps into a tidy bundle not only all elements of full-stack development but also practices necessary to grow your app.

For web development, we focus on web components to give you the most modular method for developing a web app possible.  But we do this without the overhead or the restrictions of a framework, instead relying on Stencil.js, a compiler that combines the power of Typescript with some of the convenience of React.  But best of all, after compiling your app, Stencil.js gets out of the way and leaves no overhead of its own behind.

And right here from the very start, we integrate testing with Jest and Puppeteer.  Testing is tightly integrated with every lesson and as we build our app, we develop testing with practically each lesson, learning dozens of tips and tricks on how to test effectively.

For our server, we use Node and Express and keep things consistent by again using Typescript and Jest to write more modular code and tightly integrate testing.  But then we go a step further by wrapping everything into a Docker Container as a first step to a micro-services architecture.  We go into depth here with everything you need to create a fast and responsive development environment that makes it easy to write code fast while keeping your tests up to data.

On the database, we go with a new and powerful database offering from HarperDB that combines much of the best of both SQL and NoSQL databases and makes database development a breeze.  But here again we create tools to enable you to scale up your development by separating database schema development from your production code.

To top things up we also cover source control with Git and Github, going into depth on the work flow needed to enable you to develop a project either on your own or as a team.  And at the end of it all, we will push everything up to Google Cloud in a few easy steps and see everything work the first time, thanks to all the work we did in testing.

This course then gives you everything you need to get going with a serious web app, that puts full control into your hands and enables you to build your app from a hobby up to a highly successful business.

Note: Each lesson will have a resource file showing what the code should look like at the end of the lesson.  You can also find the code on GitHub at safaalai/notes.

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