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Python Jumpstart Course

Python Programming for Beginners

Python Jumpstart Course

Udemy Offer Course Description

Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language. The language is rapidly gaining popularity, not only because it’s relatively easy to learn, but also because you can do almost everything with it. Python is used for scientific and economic simulations, desktop apps, web apps, data mining, machine learning, games, 3D modelling, even making music, and many, many more. Python is used in almost every domain you can think of: mathematics, physics, atronomy, chemistry, biology, geography, arts, music, economy, robotics. Actually you could find an application for it everywhere.


As you can see, Python is a valuable skill to have, maybe it even will become your profession and passion. Well, this course will let you start this adventure. If you are a beginner, this course is right for you.



Discover The Fascinating World of Python Programming:


·         Input and output

·         Variables

·         Statements

·         Conditional code

·         Loops

·         Numeric types

·         Operators

·         Strings

·         Lists , tuples, ranges

·         Dictionaries

·         Sets

·         Booleans

·         Data type conversions

·         Flow control

·         List comprehensions

·         Functions

·         Scope

·         Lambda Expressions

·         Object Oriented Programming

·         Modules

·         Files

·         Exceptions

·         ... and much more



Don’t Wait Any Longer. Don’t Be Afraid Any Longer. Go For It. Fall in Love with Python.



Python seems to be everywhere. And if it’s not somewhere yet, it soon will. Python is taught in schools, Python is used by world-wide known companies, Python is used to make websites, many of which most of us use on a regular basis. Python can help us solve complex everyday problems in less time and with less code than many other languages. Python is interpreted, so you can see your results right away. And Python code is very orderly and readable.


Contents and Overview


This course is targeted at beginner students who have never learned to program or have some background in other programming languages. Each lecture is brief and concise, focused on one topic. Most lectures consist of two parts. The first part is a brief introductory video with some examples. The second part is a project for you to do. It’s based on the material covered in the video and is supposed to solve a simple practical problem. There are 80 lectures and 70 projects. It’s quite a lot. I can tell you, don’t skip any. Take your time to do all the projects and this will really skyrocket your practical skills.


If you have difficulty doing the project, you can find lots of guidelines and hints and also the full code. Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work straight away. It’s normal when you learn programming. A single unmatched parenthesis or too small an indent may cause the program to not run. But this is part of programming. With practice you’ll write code more and more smoothly.



This course is divided into 11 sections, each of them covering a broader topic subdivided into lectures. The pace is up to you, you can go through the easier parts faster and then take more time to study the more complicated ones.


After you finish each section, there’s a quiz for you that covers the material discussed in that section.


After you finish this course you will be able to move around the fascinating world of Python and apply your knowledge to practical everyday problems. You will be able to use quite a lot of tools and techniques. This will make a good starting point for more advanced study.

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