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Android MVVM Architecture complete course

Learn how and when to implement MVVM, ViewModel, LiveData, Transformations, Mediators and a lot more

Android MVVM Architecture complete course

Udemy Offer Course Description

One of the most common questions I get asked while teaching Android Development is "What is MVVM and how do I use it?"

This is a fundamental concept in Android Architectures, and this course addresses that question.

Here we will start from scratch, and discuss what is MVVM and why use it. We will see the components that need to go into this architecture and we will see how they fit together to provide an easy way to implement a healthy application. That is, an application that is scalable, maintainable, easy to understand and easy to test.

We will look at MVVM, ViewModels, LiveData, contexts, Transformations, Mediators and a lot more.

We will implement all these concepts in practice in several Android applications, to give you a clear understanding of how to use them.

Finally, we will also discuss best practices, patterns and anti patterns. There are a lot of gotchas around MVVM and in this course we will learn how to avoid them.

This course is a complete discussion around the topic of MVVM and Android Architectures. It is the architecture supported and recommended by Google.

There is no need to search through incomplete online tutorials or youtube videos. This course is all you need to get a deep understanding of the architecture, as well as practical knowledge of how to use it.

So sign up today and let's start learning to build MVVM in our apps.

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