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Archetypal Psychology - Know Your Character, Know Your Life

Play as The King, The Fool, The Monkey, The Clown and many many more!

Archetypal Psychology - Know Your Character, Know Your Life

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You are NOT the character you play

In the performance of life, on the stage of the world, we often forget it’s all an act

Look at your life…

See your goals clearly…

See why your challenges appear before you, in the time and place they do

Be ready for what is coming to destroy you, as that destruction will lead to your greatest lesson

Transcend beyond the smaller life you are living and live as more

This is Archetypal Psychology!

This is Awareness, Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Truth

By looking into the roles we play, both personally and collectively, we find the deeper levels of living

Each Archetype has its strengths, it’s story, it’s way of moving into a new way of being

You will learn:

  • The glory of the King

  • The openness of the Fool

  • The strengths of the Lion

  • The skills of the Wizard

  • The emotional mastery of the Clown

  • The productivity of the Worker-Bee

  • The power of the Peasant 

  • The freedom of the Idiot

  • The duty of the Warrior

  • The connection of the Lover

And so much more…

You will learn that you are something beyond these roles you play

By studying these Archetypes you will learn what it means to Transcend and Integrate these qualities

Learn to:

  • Move directly towards objectives

  • Let go of failures

  • Allow negative experiences to be positive lessons

  • Speak with relevance to the situation

  • Act with efficiency

  • Act with relevance to personal modes of being

  • Understand where feelings are coming from

  • See exactly what it is you need

This is Archetypal Psychology!

Know your character, know your life!

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