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AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Intermediate to Advanced

Learn advanced AWS CloudFormation concepts from an AWS certified expert. Use AWS Cloud Formation in Professional-level!

AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Intermediate to Advanced

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Would you like to learn advanced-level features of AWS CloudFormation?

Welcome to learn it from a senior AWS architect with hands-on examples and detailed explanations! This course will teach you most of the Professional-level AWS CloudFormation concepts, and you will get more proficient at Cloud Formation in the end.

This course does not cover beginner-level features of AWS CloudFormation. If you are a beginner at AWS CloudFormation, please enroll and finish my AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate course first. I will be glad to see you here after that!

Why learn from me?

✓ AWS verified my knowledge and experience at the top level. I am a senior AWS consultant holding AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional certifications as well as all 3 Associate-level AWS certificates.

✓ I have a software engineering background, a BS degree in Computer Engineering, and more than 15 years of professional experience as a developer and cloud architect in corporates and startups.

✓ I have been using AWS for more than eight years. I have also been using CloudFormation since the early days.

✓ I learned by doing and teach both theory and practice according to the AWS best practices. I explain the features with hands-on examples and also why to use them with their advantages and disadvantages. So you will benefit from my experience as well as my knowledge.

How was the course organized?

In this course, you will get from intermediate to advanced level in CloudFormation step by step!

  • Section 1: Organize your stacks efficiently with cross-stack references and nested stacks.

  • Section 2: Configure your EC2 instances with AWS CloudFormation using EC2 UserData property, CreationPolicy attribute, and helper scripts (cfn-init, cfn-hup, cfn-signal). We will also cover creating IAM resources with CloudFormation and IAM capabilities.

  • Section 3: Manage how CloudFormation performs updates, replacements, and deletions on resources that support policy attributes (UpdatePolicy, UpdateReplacePolicy, DeletionPolicy).

  • Section 4: Prevent updates of your stack resources during a stack update by setting a stack policy.

  • Section 5: Bring your own logic to AWS CloudFormation with custom resources and control the flow of stack creations with wait conditions.

  • Section 6: Detect and resolve manual changes to your stack resources, stack drifts. We will also talk about importing existing resources to CloudFormation that are not managed by any stack yet.

  • Section 7: Define and deploy serverless resources with AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), a subset of CloudFormation for serverless resources, and its command-line interface SAM CLI. You will not make any programming for AWS Lambda functions. You will focus on defining and deploying them with a CloudFormation perspective.

In the end, you will be able to use AWS CloudFormation more efficiently with its advanced-level features.

Is this course for you?

  • I designed this course for developers, system administrators, or any AWS enthusiasts who finished or know all topics of my AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate course. So, this course is not for beginners to Cloud Formation.

  • This course is not for beginners to AWS. You should have intermediate-level AWS knowledge around core services.

  • Although I do the lectures with hands-on examples, you should have basic YAML knowledge for the templates.

  • I assume that you are comfortable with using the command line and know the cloudformation commands of AWS CLI as covered in my beginner-level course.

I recommend watching the free previews before enrolling in the course.

Join me in this course and excel at professional-level features of AWS CloudFormation step by step with hands-on examples!

Best wishes,

Emre Yilmaz

Senior AWS Architect & DevOps Engineer

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

AWS Certified Developer - Associate

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