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Complete AWS ECS Bootcamp (Beginner friendly)

Learn How To Deploy Containers To Production Using ECR/ECS, RDS, End-to-End CI/CD Pipeline with CodePipeline, Route53...

Complete AWS ECS Bootcamp (Beginner friendly)

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This course is for total AWS beginners who want to confidently put AWS DevOps on their CV. The course is JAM PACKED with awesome, hands-on and practical real-world labs.

Check it out... The Complete 2020 AWS ECS DevOps Masterclass For Total Beginners

You are learning over a dozen AWS Services hands-on and in-depth. You can apply it to the final project and in real life.

In the final project you are dockerizing Laravel and then deploying a containerized Laravel PHP Application with a user registration/login to an ECS cluster with a full CI/CD Pipeline via CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodePipeline.

Wondering how all of this is possible in only 10 hours? Read on!

But ... Why Learn AWS DevOps in the first place?

Well, because it's awesome and pays great money.

Quick question: How much do you earn in your current job? Is it $100.000 per year or more? If you currently earn less than $100.000 per year, then learning AWS skills can really pay off.

While it's hard to get concrete numbers on jobs with AWS skills, according to edureka, AWS entry level jobs are hovering $100.000 per year. If you bring some experience with you then it's $140.000 per year, or $72 per hour.

But first you need to learn AWS, right?

You might ask: Is this really the right course for you?

Unlike so many YouTube tutorials, I'm not skipping anything and nothing is outdated.

Don't take my word for it...

This is what actual students said:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about AWS and DevOps, especially if you are a beginner..."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "... Content is laid out well and the speaker is clear."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "... the teacher promptly updated the resources, excellent support!"

The course doesn't cut any corners! Check out these skills you will acquire along the way:

  • Learn about AWS IAM, the Identity and Access Management of AWS

  • Elasticity and Scalability of the cloud: How to provision and auto-scale AWS EC2 Instances using Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) and Elastic Load Balancers (AWS ELB)

  • Storage: How to work with S3 and the Elastic File System (AWS EFS) to store static websites and share and persistently store files for your web-projects.

  • Networking: How to build your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with Public and Private Subnets and NAT Gateways, Route Tables, Internet Gateways, etc.

  • Code Collaboration: How to work with Git and AWS CodeCommit to collaborate in Teams

  • Containerization: How to Containerize applications, work with docker-compose and how to upload Docker images to the Elastic Container Registry (AWS ECR)

  • Cluster: Learn how to run Fargate and EC2 ECS Clusters and scale out and scale in your app.

  • CI/CD: Learn how to continuously deploy your application from your computer via Git using CodeCommit to the cluster using AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline.

  • Databases and Caching: Learn how to provision hosted MySQL Instances using AWS RDS and hosted Redis Caches using AWS ElastiCache

  • and many more things like Route53, AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, AWS Certificate Manager, ...

This course covers everything you would encounter as a Web-Application Developer in practice to deploy highly available and fault tolerant Web-Applications using Docker Containers from the Developers Machine into Production at Scale. Even if you have Zero AWS experience.

This course will take you from AWS beginner to AWS master. Here’s why:

  • This course is taught by someone with over 15 years of hands-on experience of deployment at scale scenarios.

  • This course been recorded in 2020, so it's not just 2020 Ready, it is brand new! You’ll be learning with all the latest tools.

  • This course does not cut any corners, you will learn by building Real-World Projects in our labs.

  • I taught over 70,000 Students here on Udemy and in-person.

  • Save Yourself Over $10K you would normally pay for an AWS live bootcamp, but still get access to the same materials as live bootcamps.

### What's inside the course ###

  1. Quick Introduction to DevOps and AWS

    1. Regions and Availability Zones,

    2. Signup to AWS,

    3. Starting your first EC2 Instance

  2. Identity and Access Management (IAM) an AWS,

    1. Create your IAM User

    2. Attach Policies

  3. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

    1. How EC2 Instances work,

    2. AMI,

    3. Instance Types

    4. What are exactly vCPUs

    5. User-Data and Meta-Data

  4. How to scale EC2 Instances

    1. Auto Scaling Groups

    2. Application Load Balancer

  5. Storage in AWS

    1. Work with S3 Versioning and Encryption,

    2. How to host a static Website on S3,

    3. What's EBS - Elastic Block Storage

    4. Work with EFS and attach to multiple EC2 Instances at once

  6. What's a VPC and how to create your own AWS Network Stack

    1. Create your VPC

    2. Create Public and Private Subnet

    3. Work with Internet Gateways and NAT Gateways

    4. Understand Security Groups and Route Tables

    5. Create Bastion Hosts and Host Webservers behind Private Subnets using Application Load Balancers

  7. AWS CodeCommit and Git

  8. Crash Course on Docker and Containerization

    1. Create a local Development Environment using Docker-Compose

    2. Upload images to the Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

  9. AWS Elastic Container Service - In Depth

    1. Understanding the ECS Launch Types Fargate and EC2

    2. Provisioning and Scaling of Fargate Clusters

    3. Creating Pre-Provisioned EC2 Launch Type Clusters behind Load Balancers

    4. Provisioning and Scaling EC2 Launch Type Clusters using Capacity Provider

  10. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivers and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

    1. Deep dive on CI/CD techniques

    2. Working with AWS CodeBuild

    3. Automatic Deployment from CodeCommit to ECS using CodePipeline

  11. Additional AWS Services

    1. Provisioning and using AWS RDS with MySQL

    2. Storing and Retrieving Credentials securely using the Systems Manager Parameter Store vs Secrets Manager

    3. SSL Termination using Route53 and the AWS Certificate Manager

    4. Understanding and working with CloudFormation Templates

  12. Final Project: Setup, Configure, Containerize and Deploy a Laravel PHP Application

    1. Highly Available

    2. Fault Tolerant

    3. using RDS and ElastiCache

    4. Load Balanced

    5. With a custom Domain and SSL Terminated

By joining this course, you can be assured I’ll be giving you a no non-sense dive into AWS DevOps and Deployments at Scale using ECS. Of course, while the video content is only 10 hours, we're having several labs that are challenging, fun and engaging to do. You'll have the outcome right away and can apply what you learned on the spot. Taking time to "digest" the lessons learned is always advised and we're not rushing through the materials, instead, we're trying to have a good pace throughout the course.

In this course you will be learning with amazing hands-on step-by-step labs everything there is to know about AWS. You will also get access to the instructor through the Q&A section of the course if you run into any problems during the labs.

And don't forget:

You also get

  1. a Course Completion Certificate and

  2. Access to the instructor via the course Q&A

  3. Access to our dedicated and private Facebook community

  4. and obviously, the course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

What are you waiting for?

Enroll today with zero risk, and everything to gain by learning AWS.

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