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Azure Artifacts Overview In Azure DevOps

Learn end to end azure artifacts in Azure DevOps platform

Azure Artifacts Overview In Azure DevOps

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This course will help you to build your skills from scratch, developing a solid foundation of artifacts skills within Azure cloud management. You will get in-depth knowledge over several feeds for its configuration and development. Understanding and working with these modules will help you to perform publish and downloading packages/feeds for your organization.

In addition, you also practiced with centralized locations that will be useful for package storing and monitoring. Different tools can help you to manage the packages in the software ecosystem. This course should cover the below areas

  • What are Artifacts

  • Public and Download Build Artifacts

  • Publish and Download Pipeline Artifacts

  • Working with Feed and NuGet Packages

  • Upstream Sources

  • Public NuGet

  • Package from Pipeline to NuGet Feeds

  • Views

  • Share Packages Publicly

Pipelines artifacts give specific ways to distribute files between staging and different pipelines. In this journey, you will have a Hands-on Step By Step Process of learning for a real-time experience and also get Support in the Q&A section.

Publish and Download Pipeline Artifacts

Pipeline artifacts provide a way to share files between stages in a pipeline or between different pipelines. They are typically the output of a build process that needs to be consumed by another job or be deployed. Artifacts are associated with the run they were produced in and remain available after the run has been completed.

What is a Package?

A package is a formalized way of creating a distributable unit of software artifacts that can be consumed from another software solution. The package describes the content it contains and usually provides additional metadata. This additional information uniquely identifies the individual packages and to be self-descriptive. It helps to better store packages in centralized locations and consume the contents of the package in a predictable manner. In addition, it enables tooling to manage the packages in the software solution.

Packaging Formats

  1. NuGet: A NuGet package is essentially a compressed folder structure with published .NET project files in ZIP format and has the .nupkg extension.

  2. NPM: A NPM package is a file or folder that contains JavaScript files and a package.json file describing the metadata of the package.

  3. Maven: Each Java-based projects package has It has a Project Object Model file describing the metadata of the project

  4. PyPI: The Python Package Index, abbreviated as PyPI and also known as the Cheese Shop, is the official third-party software repository for Python.

  5. Docker: Docker packages are called images and contain complete and self-contained deployments of components.

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