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Complete Front-End Mastery - Become a Professional Developer

Go From Zero to Frontend Web Developer

Complete Front-End Mastery - Become a Professional Developer

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Learn front-end development techniques that will allow you to create websites that will allow you to create web pages users will love looking at and interacting with! This course covers the fundamentals of front-end web development through three comprehensive modules: 

Module 1 - Learn to Code in HTML and CSS 

Learn basic web development concepts and skills that will allow you to build simple websites, modify existing websites and create interactive prototypes of your business idea so that you can use it as a communication tool with your developer, customers and investors.

Building a responsive “Metro style” homepage that looks great in a desktop computer and in a mobile phone, as you learn: 

  • HTML basics, including the most important tags
  • How to create titles, paragraphs, containers, lists
  • To add links and images
  • All about Tables
  • Forms in HTML, including HTML5 semantic input fields
  • The structure of a HTML document.
  • The basics of CSS, and how and why you should use it
  • Selecting elements with CSS
  • The Box Model
  • To use floating elements to create responsive pages
  • To style lists, fonts, and tables

Module 2 - Responsive Web Design

With users frequently switching between desktops, phones, and tablets, ensuring that your website maintains a professional look across different devices and platforms is essential. This module will give you the skills to publish websites that look beautiful, both on front-end and back-end user interfaces. Whether you are looking to create your own website, or enhance your employability as a software developer, this module will provide a step-by-step guide to building responsive websites by tackling three projects: 

Personal Portfolio Website

  1. Dashboard
  2. Responsive Forms and Surveys

You will learn:

  • How to create websites that respond to the user’s screen size and platform
  • Understand the difference between front-end and back-end pages
  • Create profile pages featuring profile photos, work, and skills using CSS flex
  • Integrate a contact form into the website using Google Forms
  • Incorporate widgets, data, and company metrics into a back-end dashboard using a CSS grid
  • Add HTML5 semantic form fields (i.e. “number”, “date”, etc.) and validation attributes (i.e. “required”, “min”, “max”, etc.)

Module 3 - Learn JavaScript Programming by Creating a Cross-Platform Game

In this module, you’ll learn everything about coding with JavaScript, all while creating your first mobile game. The fundamental techniques, skills and understanding from this module are transferable to a broad spectrum of JavaScript programs, and will allow you to rise to the top in web development, mobile application programming, server-side development, and more. Gain a solid footing in object-oriented programming – one of the most important paradigms in coding, all while creating an interactive game that works on all modern platforms.

You will master:

  • Objects
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Functions and methods
  • Loops
  • Mouse Events
…and much more!

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