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Data Driven Framework - Designing and Implementation

A Step-By-Step process to build your own Data Driven Framework in Selenium using Excel Sheets

Data Driven Framework - Designing and Implementation

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In this course, we will start with the basic step by step process of understanding the framework and then move ahead with the understanding of data driven concepts and then data driven framework. Data Driven Framework is one of the most popular framework used.

This framework is used to drive test cases and suites from an external data feed. The data feed can be data sheets like xls, xlsx, and csv files, here we have used Excel Sheet as a data feed.

There are two main benefits of using this framework:

1. They reduce the efforts and cost of adding new tests and changing them when there is a change request. This can be done by passing parameters for different tests, with the use of datasets that the same code can run against every tests.

2. It will help to identify the behavior. By separating scenario data into parameters, we can easily identify what to test and also we can analyze what to change whenever any change request appears.

This course will help the learner to understand the framework and utilize the framework at its best, this course will provide them enough knowledge to design and build their own framework.

With the help of this course you will be able to create your own data driven framework and perform read and write operations on Excel sheets, you will be able to parameterize the test cases and create and execute the testcases using Data Providers, And you will be able to tackle most interview questions based on Data Driven Framework.

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